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If you are in canada or planing to go for a medical tourism, don’t worry about the cancerous diseases and problems. Alberta offers right destinations and services to take treatment for cancer. Families living in Alberta have better access to cancer care at some popular cancer centres, clinics and hospitals in canada. The hospitals give a best treatment services to reduce the impact of cancer on all Albertans and support patients from their first symptom to survivorship. Their goal is to be to be a leader in cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, survivorship and palliative care, all on a foundation of world-class research. The high quality treatment approach of canadian cancer center and clinis in alberta provides reliable cancer cure for each of the patients.

Cancer hospitals and research centres

Alberta Children’s Hospital and University of Calgary

The Alberta Children’s Hospital and University of Calgary are working to find new cures and provide better care for children and families fighting cancer. The centre and members can create new hope for those children whose cancers evade treatment and those who suffer the significant side effects of current treatments. This unprecedented collaboration between child health specialists will turn research into action and undoubtedly propel forward pediatric cancer expertise in Calgary. Standards of care across all areas of the hospital will be elevated and innovations in clinical care will be provided for thousands of children with many other chronic and life-threatening diseases.

Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta

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Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute

The Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta helps to support children and families fighting childhood cancer in Alberta. Its ultimate vision is a cure for every child, and care for every family. It has 4 core programs: camp and community, research, clinical support, and educational scholarships. Through its camp and community projects, the centre provides free, year-round support opportunities at residential and day camps for children, teenagers and young adults in various stages of cancer treatment. The clinic supports pediatric oncology research and treatment at healthcare facilities across Alberta. Through its clinical support programs, the hospital funds purchases of hospital equipment and supports doctors, nurses, psychologists and therapists in the area of pediatric oncology. The clinic also administers the Derek Wandzura Memorial Scholarship, which is designed to assist young adults with a history of childhood cancer to further their educational pursuits.

Jack Ady Cancer Centre

The first of three new radiation therapy projects planned for Alberta, the Jack Ady Cancer Centre has made it easier for southern Alberta residents to obtain radiation therapy. As the structural engineer for this very important project, the staff members worked collaboratively with the prime consultant and sub-consultants in coordinating the design and detailing of the bunker and renovations to the cancer centre within the existing building. Placement of the two vault radiation treatment bunker is in a restrictive site, which required careful design to ensure the bunker does not adversely affect the adjacent building.

Spokane Valley Cancer Center

To give the patients the best care possible, the staff members bring together a variety of cancer specialists, each with expertise in specific cancers. Spokane Valley Cancer Center combines all of their collective knowledge, skills and experience to work for you. This approach ensures that you have the advantage of an entire team of cancer specialists whose whole focus is finding you the best treatment options available. Every week, these multispecialty teams meet in a Tumor Board to discuss each patient’s case in detail and design a personalized cancer treatment plan.

Western Veterinary Cancer Centre

At the Western Veterinary Cancer Centre, the successful management of each case depends on an open, team-oriented approach. This includes the family veterinarian who initiates a referral after arriving at an initial diagnosis. It also includes the concerned owner who understands the realities – and the possibilities – of pursuing cancer therapy for their pet. The centre’s staff members strive to work openly and in collaboration with everyone involved in the care of each of the patients, to ensure the very best and most comprehensive treatment possible.


The centre is a premier research and clinical trials network that was established in 1999 to provide pharmaceutical and research-intensive companies with a higher standard in quality, cost-efficient clinical trial research. The centre’s staff members are a joint venture between Alberta Health Services, one of Canada’s largest integrated academic health regions, and the University of Alberta, one of Canada’s leading research-intensive universities.

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Cross Cancer Institute

As the fundraising partner with the 17 cancer centres in Alberta, including the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton and the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary – the Alberta Cancer Foundation is closest to patients and their families. Through the partnership with the cancer centres, the members are uniquely positioned to accelerate breakthroughs and bring results to patients faster. To support the provincial presence, the doctors have offices in both Edmonton and Calgary. As well as being a fundraising partner for the cancer centres, the members also have offices within the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton and the Tom Baker Cancer Centre.