Hospitals in Italy have realized the need for the holistic treatment of the cancer patients seeing the acuteness of the disease.


Hospitals in Italy have realized the need for the holistic treatment of the cancer patients seeing the acuteness of the disease. Most of the hospitals in Italy are in fact research and rehabilitation centers too which take care of the patients while their treatment is going on at their premises providing them all the requirements they ask for. These hospitals are the research centers where new methods and technologies are devised for treating cancers and other such deadly diseases. With this post we are presenting a list and specialization of some popular hospitals in the field of cancer care.

Hospitals in Italy

  • European School of Oncology, Italy

Founded in 1982, European school of Oncology (ESO) follows holistic approach in studying, learning & caring along with treatment of the cancer patients. The motto of ESO is “learning to care”. ESO follows its motto with global standards and infrastructure of research & development in cancer treatment & care. The main objective of ESO is to contribute in reducing the deaths from cancer due to late diagnosis and inadequate treatment.

ESO stresses on improving the skills of the health professionals who treat the cancer patients. It focuses on lessening the time duration of real life application of the research knowledge from the laboratory. During this treatment the hospital staff gets the support of advanced and sophisticated technology and they extend their utmost and best care to the suffering patient.

  • Istituto Oncologico Veneto

The IOV – Veneto Oncology Institute – IRCCS Istituto Veneto is the first hospital established specifically for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer and for conducting the cancer research: its mission is in fact to provide the most advanced cancer treatment of the sick and perform the same time biomedical research, which is essential for the advancement of knowledge and transfer of care to patients more innovative.

The IOV was established by the Veneto Regional Law n. 26 of 22 December 2005, as an entity with legal personality under public law, operating in accordance with the objectives of the regional health planning.

The IOV carries out its charitable activities and collaborative research, with special agreements with the Hospital, the Health Units 16 and the University of Padua.


In recent decades, scientific research has achieved significant results in the fight against cancer. The quality and excellence of biomedical research are the main commitments of the IOV. With the most current techniques of immunology, genetics and molecular oncology, the Institute aims to validate and apply to patients of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic, according to international guidelines most advanced, always under the strict supervision of the Ministry of health.

  • Azienda Sanitaria Ospedaliera S. Croce E Carle

The mission of this hospital is to meet the health needs of the patients in acute phase of their deadly diseases. The hospital is dedicated to provide the high quality treatment to the patients with incurable diseases with the help of the specialized staff and technology while keeping the environment clean and pure.

  • Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù

This hospital is specifically designed for child care specialties for the treatment of acute diseases. Apart from the most modern technologies to treat the children there is a pool of well trained and experience & qualifies specialists and staff to provide the emotional well-being of the child during their treatment.

  • Rome American Hospital Spa

The Rome American Hospital, founded in 1990 as a joint venture between HCA of Nashville and a group of Italian promoters, is the result of close collaboration between leading experts in American, European and Italian in the private hospital. Today the Rome American Hospital is an autonomous reality in a few years it has become a business leader in the private healthcare Italian for highly specialized services, cutting-edge equipment, and timeliness of diagnosis, intervention, and skilled nursing care.