With good cancer survival rates Canadian medical center or hospital offers best treatments that involve good surgeons and facilities.

Cancer is not one disease, but a general term that represents many diseases, each one with its own distinct characteristics and outcomes. Canada has some of the best cancer survival rates in the world, and doctors are pointing to our much-maligned public health-care system as the reason. Cancer can be a difficult disease to treat and therefore it is important for patients to be treated at a good medical centre or hospital that offers treatments that involve best surgeons and facilites. Explore the following top visited cancer treatment centres and hospitals in canada, are:

Canadian Cancer Centres

Integrated Health Clinic – A Cancer Care Centre

Canadian cancer clinics

Canadian cancer clinics

At Integrated Health Clinic Cancer Care Centre, is committed to the highest levels of integrative cancer care available. The naturopathic physicians in oncology are dedicated to learning about the latest developments in cancer assessment and treatment from around the world. Integrated Health Clinic Cancer Care Centre, Gurdev Parmarone of Canada’s leading integrative medicine clinics. The Integrated Health Clinic Cancer Care Centre has been offering cancer care since 2000 and has developed a highly respected expertice in providing a professional approach to evidence-based, patient centred, integrative medicine. The focus has driven the evolution of targeted therapies, the introduction of leading edge treatment, and the development of a patient centric care philosophy that patients expect and deserve.

Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre

The first acute care hospital to be built using the public private partnership (P3) model, the Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre is the largest construction project to-date in the Fraser Valley. It is also the first time in Western Canada that a cancer centre has been integrated with a hospital from the ground up. Contributing to both the local and regional economy, the project was delivered on time and on budget ($355 million for construction and equipment). It was designed and constructed to minimize the impact on the environment and will consume about 40 per cent less energy compared to many other hospitals. Featuring lots natural light from its large windows, rooftop gardens, green spaces and courtyards, the hospital is designated LEED Gold by the Canada Green Building Council. The BC Cancer Agency’s Abbotsford Centre is the fifth regional cancer centre to open in the province and represents a critical expansion of the provincial cancer control network reducing patient travel into Greater Vancouver for services.

Health Care Clinic Locations

Copeman Healthcare Centres offer relaxed and comfortable environments, and contain in-house diagnostic & screening laboratories, educational rooms and modern fitness assessment and rehabilitation facilities. Each reception area includes an entertainment centre, refreshment bar, wireless internet access, and personal computer workstations. The initial 12 facilities in Canada will be centrally and conveniently located near downtown centres. Additional facilities in each major city will be opened in urban and suburban areas based on demand. The organization is also planning for twin support and research facilities in Vancouver and Toronto.

Segal Cancer Centre

The Segal Cancer Centre is a state-of-the-art facility which provides patients with the most comprehensive approach to care, combining cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, psychosocial support, nutritional support and clinical and fundamental research in cancer. The interdisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, dietitians, psychologists, social workers, pharmacists, support staff and volunteers play a central role in guiding and supporting patients and their families at each step.

Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre

is a model multi-disciplinary flagship centre providing whole-person integrative care to people with cancer, cancer survivors, and those seeking both primary and secondary cancer prevention. The OICC is the first integrative oncology and research centre in Eastern Canada to provide care, advocacy and education for the use of whole-person care to the cancer community and health-care practitioners, regionally and nationally.