Good & Affordable options for the Lung Cancer Treatment


Lung cancer is the most fatal cancers occurring to a living being among the other types. It needs high end technical and surgical expertise to provide this treatment at any hospitals or diagnostic centers. The price of this treatment is a limiting factor and not many can afford the astronomical figures of this treatment. However countries like India, Mexico, Turkey, Jordan & South Korea provide this treatment at their hospitals at an affordable cost.

Lung Cancer Treatment Abroad

Lung cancer

Lung cancer is an uncontrolled tumor within the lung tissues. The two main kinds of lung cancers that develop are – the small cell lung carcinoma and the non-small cell lung carcinoma. Distinguishing between these two cancer types is vital to the resolution of the form of management. Small cell lung carcinoma responds well to chemotherapy and radiation therapy, while, non-small cell lung carcinoma is better treated surgically. The etiological factors accountable for the development of lung cancer are – contact with tobacco smoke (active in addition to passive), genetic predisposition, polluting of the environment, asbestosis, and a contact with radon gas.

Causes of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is one of the deadliest and also having a highest incidence of known cancers. If this originated in the lung tissue it’s called primary cancer. When it started elsewhere in the body and then reached the lungs, due to the metastasis, it is called secondary lung cancer.

Several risks have been identified to date. People smoking cigarettes or even just subjected to the tobacco smoke, asbestos or polluting of the environment have the higher chances of developing this cancer. There’s also a genetic predisposition to lung cancer and patients having someone in the family with this particular cancer may develop the same condition.

Patients struggling with lung cancer have higher than normal mortality. Despite the best of treatments, only 14% of diagnosed lung cancer patients survive a lot more than 5 years. Highest incidence of lung cancer death continues to be recorded in North America and Europe.

Diagnosing and Treating Lung Cancer

Chest X ray and CT scans are the most typical diagnostic tools for the lung cancer. Sometimes, to determine the proper diagnose, doctors should biopsy the lungs.

The treatment might contain surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Treatment methods are decided on the basis of type the cancer, the amount of its spread (stage) and the all-around health of the patient.

If the tumor is big, doctors might prescribe courses of chemotherapy and radiation, to contract the tumor before surgery. Surgical treatments can be done as open or minimal invasive laparoscopic surgery and they include the elimination of one lung (pneumectomy), removal of the lobe (lobectomy) or the elimination of a part of the lung lobe (Wedge resection).

Every other surgery you will find operative and post-operative risks. The patients could bleed, develop contamination, form thrombus or experience collapse of the lungs or harm to the healthy tissue.

Treatment available abroad

Lung cancer surgery and therapy are extremely expensive in the USA and many lung cancer patients choose to visit other countries over the world to obtain the treatment. Mexico may have lung cancer medical professionals, as well as India, and many Americans struggling with this type of cancer travel to those countries to become treated.

Medical tourism can also be very developed in Turkey. Their hospitals are thought to be highly equipped and their medical staff to become exceptionally educated to treat lung cancer patients.