Stomach cancer treatment in India - hospitals in India which offer finest stomach cancer treatment at a reasonable cost.

Stomach cancer is often known as gastric cancer. It’s a cancer that develops in a part of the stomach and spreads with other parts of the body. This cancer usually present in esophagus and also the small intestine within the stomach. This cancer is often curable easily if it’s detected in an early stage. Mostly the symptoms stomach cancer is noticed once the cancer is spread within the most part from the stomach. The primary causes of stomach cancer really are a diet full of salty and smoked foods, low vegetables and fruit diet, intake of foods contaminated with antitoxin fungus, genealogy of stomach cancer, pernicious anemia, Smoking and stomach polyps.

India's Best For Stomach Cancer Treatment

India's Best For Stomach Cancer Treatment

Types of stomach cancer:

The stomach cancer is of three types – Lymphomas, carcinoid tumors and gastric stromal tumors. Lymphomas cancer develops within the immune system tissue and often found in the wall from the stomach. Carcioid cancer is really a cancer of hormone producing cells from the stomach. Gastric stromal cancer develops in the tissue from the stomach wall.

Symptoms of stomach cancer:

The the signs of stomach cancer usually remain non specific in the early stage. Unfortunately, its symptoms are visible once the cancer starts influencing other organs from the body. The symptoms that may be noticed in the first stages of stomach cancer are indigestion and stomach discomforts, lack of appetite, bloated feeling after consuming, mild nausea and heartburn. The symptoms that may be noticed in the advanced stage of stomach cancer are discomfort within the upper and lower a part of abdomen, blood within the stool, blood vomiting, weight loss, pain in stomach after consuming, fatigue with mild anemia.

Hospitals for stomach cancer treatment in India:

  1. Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad
  2. Artemis Health Institute, Gurgaon
  3. Fortis Escorts Hospital, Amritsar
  4. Lilavathi Hospital, Mumbai
  5. Cancer centre welfare Home and Research Institute, Kolkata
  6. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai
  7. Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Bangalore
  8. Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai
  9. Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and research Center, New Delhi
  10. St. John’s Medical college hospital, Bangalore

Including these hospitals there are lots of other hospitals in India which offer finest stomach cancer treatment at a reasonable cost.

Stomach cancer treatment in India:

Tests for example blood test, gastroscopy, computerized tomography (CT) scan, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasound scan from the stomach, liver and the lymphatic system can be performed to identify stomach cancer. Stomach cancer may be treatable with surgery called gastrectomy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or biological therapy. The option of stomach cancer treatment is determined by following factors – location of cancer, the amount of the growth from the cancer and also the patient’s overall health. This cancer is tough to treat unless it’s detected in an early stage. Advanced stomach cancer is often curable and the symptoms could be relieved. Hospitals in India are very well known for stomach cancer treatment. They offer finest treatment in an affordable cost. The oncologists in India are highly qualified and well familiar with the field of stomach cancer treatment. India is an ideal destination for treating stomach cancer.

When to determine a doctor

For those who have signs and symptoms that worry you, see your doctor. Your physician will likely investigate more prevalent causes of these signs or symptoms first.


Doctors aren’t sure what can cause stomach cancer. There’s a strong correlation from a diet full of smoked, salted and pickled foods and stomach cancer. Because the use of refrigeration for preserving foods has grown around the world, the rates of stomach cancer have declined.

Generally, cancer begins when a mistake (mutation) occurs in a cell’s DNA. The mutation causes the cell to develop and divide in a rapid rate and also to continue living when normal cells would die. The accumulating cancerous cells form a tumor that may invade nearby structures. And cancer cells can discontinue from the tumor to spread all through the bod.